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Sometimes a beach is all that you want…your time in the sand and sun….a cold drink in your hand. Sometimes a party truck is the perfect day out. But for many of you, a vacation is more than the predictable all inclusive experience or “drinky drinky” party tour.

It is also about learning and experiencing the local culture, admiring the way of life, understanding the hardships and rewards of life beyond the walled enclaves of the resort.

Punta Cana Mike’s Dominican Adventure came to existence as a result of many people just like you, who wished to step closer to the realities of Dominican life, off the well worn tourist routes, in smaller, more intimate groups, allowing for greater interaction.

During my 10+ years away from Canada, I have taken every opportunity to experience the day to day life in the cities, towns and rural communities that make up this diverse country.

Punta Cana Mike’s Dominican Adventure specializes in small groups, generally from 4 to 14 persons.

Private excursions can be personally tailored to your individual desires during certain times of the year. There are opportunities that span the country. Quiet remote beaches, seldom seen by tourists, eating freshly caught fish in a small remote fishing village, overnight stays in the mountains with views to die for, sporting events and concerts, local shopping, quality cigars, outstanding high quality rums, fresh organic coffee and cacao, jewelry and more.

I personally look forward to discussing the wonderful opportunities I can provide you with and assisting you with all of your vacation questions!

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