Plaza Artesanal Bibijagua Bávaro Dominican Republic

What better way for a business to have their meet and greet or special relaxation time during a busy schedule, than enjoying the ocean and the sun on a private catamaran, cruising along the Bavaro coast line.
You could in addition to sailing, snorkel on a beautiful reef amongst hundreds of tropical fish, and enjoy the unique experience of relaxing with a drink, from an international bar, in hand in one of the last unspoiled pieces of paradise in the Bavaro area.
The water there is sheltered, shallow and is waiting for you. The perfect relaxation for busy executives!

Every detail catered for personally for you. Give us the time schedule and we will create a special event for you.

If you are here for that most important event, your wedding, what better setting could you wish for the all important celebration, a private catamaran, the beautiful Bavaro coast line and the Caribbean Sun.
White clothed staff catering to your every wish, as you sail leisurely along the Bavaro coast, and relax in the beautiful still waters of the Piscina Natural with your guests.

Every detail can be arranged at your request.

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